The First De-Fi URLs

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Token Allocation

Pre-Sale 11%
Seed 1%

Funds Allocation

Reward Pool 30%
Foundation 15%
Advisors & Partners12%
Treasury / Reserve5%

The Future of URLs

Anchoreth is a project backed by AdShrink, the leading URLs monetizer in the world. We are going to give users the ability to create paid NFT links with Anchoreth as the main currency. At launch, more than 100M links will be monetized with Anchoreth....but this is only the beginning. Be ready for the future of blockchain-based URLs.

WhitepaperApply for Seed

Presale Bonuses: 50%

Only 60.000.000 ADSH will be issued
during presale stage


Stage 1 - ends 31 November 2021. ADSH Token price $ 0.2

1000 USDT = 5000 ADSH


Stage 2 - ends 31 January 2022. ADSH Token price $ 0.25

1 ETH = 1200 HVR


Stage 3 - ends 31 March 2022. ADSH Token price $ 0.30

1 ETH = 1000 HVR


Release Date. Get 800 HVR for one ETH

1 ETH = 800 HVR

Seed - ADSH Token price $ 0.020

1000 USDT = 50.000 ADSH

Presale - ADSH Token price $ 0.025

1000 USDT = 40.000 ADSH

IDO - ADSH Token price $ 0.035

1000 USDT = 28.571 ADSH

Listing on Pancakeswap

Date: available soon

Features of Anchoreth

Anchoreth brings links to the blockchain world for the first time in history, allowing everyone to create NFT links and make profits through crypto.

Developed by AdShrink & Supported by Global Partners

AdShrink Global Expansion

Anchoreth is developed and backed by AdShrink and will use its entire network. At launch, millions and millions of existing links will be monetized through Anchoreth coin.

Global Coverage


Millions of paid links


Benefits for Everyone

Anchoreth was born with the aim of providing each user, even without any source of personal traffic, to create digital content and NFTs through links, and to obtain earnings through crypto.

Each user will have the ability to create NFT links, monetize their exclusive content, and protect them through the blockchain.


Token Allocation Summary

Anchoreth Token (ADSH) is a BEP-20 utility token based on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain and will function as a means to power the ecosystem through all its elements.

- Public price: 0.035 $
- Maximum supply: 500.000.000
- Initial Mcap: $ 245.000

Reward Pool - 150.000.000 30%
Liquidity - 125.000.000 25%
Foundation - 75.000.000 15%
Advisors & Partners - 60.000.000 12%
Presale + Initial Liquidity - 55.000.000 11%
Treasury / Reserve - 25.000.000 5%
Seed - 5.000.000 1%
Airdrop - 5.000.000 1%


This timeline details our funding and
development goals.

  • December 2016

    AdShrink MVP Test &

  • January 2021

    AdShrink 10M monthly
    visitors milestone

  • September 2021

    Anchoreth Competitive
    analysis, MVP, Test & Validation

  • Q1.2022

    Private Sale
    Tokenomics revelead

  • Q2.2022

    IDO and listing on Pancakeswap
    ADSH is the main payment method on Adshrink
    Release Beta Version of the private dashboard

  • Q3/Q4.2022

    Monetizable NFT links with protected
    content for domain owners.
    Buy, Transfer & Sell NFT links
    Advertising Platform (Beta)

  • Q1.2023

    Monetizable NFT links for non-domain owners
    Cross-Chain Integration
    Anchoreth Staking Program

  • Q2.2023

    Release Full Version of the private
    management and analytics dashboard.


To proceed with the purchase of ADSH Tokens, you must click on the Apply for Seed button and fill out the form. The private sale has a limited number of tokens, you will be included on our whitelist and if you respect our standards, our team will contact you.

Anchoreth is a project backed by AdShrink, the leading URLs monetizer in the world. With Anchoreth every user will have the possibility to create NFT links, where Anchoreth will be the main payment method. The Anchoreth blockchain will be used to protect each of your NFT links, making them unique and non-duplicable, so as to create an automatic and unique copyright system in the world.

If we have accepted your request to participate in the private sale, remember to send your contribution through Metamask. After listing, we will directly send you ADSH to Metamask

The minimum purchase is 200 USDT in the Seed phase, but in some cases, we can also decide not to allow the purchase.

You can win ADSH Tokens for free through the AdShrink Bot on Telegram. Complete your profile, the quests, and invite your friends to earn diamonds that will be converted into ADSH Tokens at the end of each Stage. The top 10 users with more diamonds will win fantastic rewards in ADSH Tokens.

You are about to participate in the future of URL monetization. Anchoreth is not just a project, but a real currency that will circulate every day to purchase NFT Links, Advertising, and for AdShrink payments. Our goal is to revolutionize this sector, being the only ones who can do it.

Anchoreth will initially be listed on Pancakeswap. Our goal is to be listed on Binance by the end of 2022.

The only way to buy ADSH Tokens is to send USDT to the address we will send you. You can buy USDT with your credit card on exchanges like Coinbase, Binance and

We are still in the Private Sale phase. For now, the contract address is still not available. It will be made public in the IDO.

Contact our team, we are available for any type of request if it benefits both of us.

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